Holidays: 2. Relaxing day in the Summer Sunshine

We didn’t have anything planned today so I had a nice lie in as I wasn’t feeling too well the night before. I has a lovely breakfast, I think food always tastes better when you’re hungry!

After breakfast w headed out o the main street full of lovely little shops and had a meander round them. Afterwards we decided to walk the opposite way round the lake for a change of scenery. The change of view certainly didn’t disappoint. We walked to the next town; Bardolino. Don’t be too impressed, it wasn’t very far! It took us a fair bit of time though as we were walking quite slow due to the heat! Anyway I shouldn’t be complaining about the heat; it makes a nice difference from the miserable Irish rain!

When twelve O’Clock came the heat naturally began to increase so we found a quiet spot in the shade to relax and have a much needed drink. We took a variety of pictures of the shining reflection of the sun on the sea. A tasty ice cream was a great addition to the day!

After a while we hurried back towards Garda to get away from the heat and stopped at a quaint little restaurant that had tables situated in front of the lake which gave a lovely view. I really enjoyed my fruity milkshake!

Back at the hotel I decided to go for a long swim in the pool which proved to be more enjoyable than I had expected!

That evening we went for another night time stroll by the lake to take a few pictures and relax.

Boats we saw from the distance
Look how clear and clean that water is!
Night time shot of reflections!
Pasta ready to be purchased !
Another night time shot

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