5 Things I hate about my anxiety


As you all know I have anxiety and I’m going to dedicate this post to writing about what I hate most about it. Maybe some of you will be able to understand how I feel and relate to it too. 

  1. It stops me from doing the things I want to do: I suppose this is the main one for anyone who suffers from anxiety, well it certainly is for me anyway.  There’s been party invites I’ve turned down, days out, etc. There’s opportunities I sincerly wished I hadn’t turned down. But I suppose that’s the good thing about hindsight; I can look back and realise what I want to do differently in the future.
  2. I often have panic attacks or get really anxious in public: I really hate this and it makes me more self concious thus increasing my anxiety levels. I really don’t like when people see me anxious or panicked. There’s something about it that just makes me think that they won’t see me in the same way as before especially if it’s around people I know. It’s as if I don’t want to let my guard down so people will see the best version of me. 
  3. It stops me from doing my best: this mainly happens in exams which really makes me anxious. I’ve had countless numbers of panic attacks and horribly anxious times during exams. It can make my mind go blank and forget half of not all the information I spent time learning off. It can also make me spend a large amount of time trying to calm myself down rather than actually giving the test my best shot. 
  4. It takes the enjoyment out of things that are meant to be fun: like going out with friends, going for a run, even having dinner in a restaurant. If I’m constantly anxious and focusing my attention on calming myself down it’s very difficult to live in the moment and actually enjoy what I’m doing.
  5. It lowers my self esteem:Being anxious can make me feel really ashamed of myself and the fact that I have anxiety. I sometimes don’t want to accept that side of me. It makes me more self concious and makes me think less of myself. It also increases my self doubt and constant worry about little things. 

    So there you go! The top 5 things that really annoy me about my anxiety. Have any of you got particular things about your anxiety that frustrates you too? 

    I’m really am working on trying to accept these 5 things and the anxiety itself to be able to deal with it better and try and improve my mental health. 

    Please remember that you are not alone in feeling anxious. I read an article recently that said one in four people suffer from anxiety.


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    1. I think you summarized it very well. Suffering from social phobias, it’s precisely the repetition of avoidance that led me to ask my therapist for help so I could attend parties that I kept refusing on grounds of anxiety.
      This therapist follows me for my trauma, and he suggested I get CBT, known for its benefits treating and helping social phobias and its underlying anxieties.
      Working with a CBtherapist for the past 10 months has been instrumental and I’d suggest you find out if it’s something you could do and not to give up on yourself. You know what it is you want to achieve in the future and this can be the drive to work all the harder to reach it.
      It requires self-discipline, analysis and efforts, but they re done gradually with a therapist who sends you on exposures with growing levels of difficulty, only once you are ok with the the lower ones. I hope you can do it too and improve, step by step, just like I have. I’ll send you a link on twitter if you want to read my own battles and victories over anxiety and panic attacks.
      My Dm’s are always open if you want to discuss these things in more detail.

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      1. Thank you, I’m glad you think so. Thank you, I’m definitely working on attending more social gatherings and trying to put myself out of my comfort zone; tough but I can definitely feel it gradually working. It’s also something I’ve been working on in counselling appointments.
        I’m delighted to hear that it’s been working for you too, a huge well done for opening up and going to CBT.
        Thank you, I appreciate that, I’ll certainly give it a read. ๐Ÿ˜Š


    2. I may not have anxiety but I’ve read a lot of posts talking about it and it really sucks!! I’m sorry that you have to deal with that, I’m really sorry. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I hope one day you can get over it!
      XD And because you’re anxious doesn’t mean it has to lower your self esteem, you shouldn’t feel ashamed, you didn’t choose to have anxiety.
      I loved this post, it made me understand many things about anxiety!!! XD

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      1. Thanks, I appreciate you understanding.
        And thanks, that means a lot to me. It’s definitely not something anyone should feel ashamed of and that’s something I’m working on ๐Ÿ˜Š
        I’m delighted you liked reading my post! Glad you learned something from it! ๐Ÿ˜Š

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      1. Glad you can understand where I’m coming from. Aw thank you, I’m glad you liked reading it. No problem, everyone is so supportive here including yourself so thank you! ๐Ÿ˜Š Aw thanks so much! โ˜บ

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    3. This is quite possibly the most honest post Iโ€™ve ever read. You perfectly outlined the worst things about it. Youโ€™re incredibly strong and open and I think thatโ€™s the best thing you can be in such a situation.

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      1. Thank you! Yes I think I am, I’m getting there anyway. Definitely writing and talking about it is helping anyway. Yeah, that is very true. Thank you, I appreciate that. ๐Ÿ˜Š

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    4. I’ve always admired you for your ability to be honest about your difficulties on your blog. As a fellow anxiety sufferer, I can definitely relate to the struggles you experience. It sucks, doesn’t it? I’m glad you’re making steps to try and improve your mental health; I hope you’re successful and start to feel better in the near future!

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      1. Ah thank you very much, your kind words mean a lot. Glad you can understand what I’m writing about but sorry to hear you suffer from anxiety too! It certainly does but being a part of the blogging community and supporting one another makes me feel less alone ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you!

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      1. No problem! I’m so happy for you that you are more in control of your anxiety. Ah yes, I understand what you mean. So sorry to hear that. On a brighter note at least you are in a position now to feel more in control, that’s something to be real proud of ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for reading my post!

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    5. That’s pretty much how my anxiety makes me feel. Very out of sync with my mind, essentially. Sometimes I want to do things, but my anxiety keeps me from doing them. Sometimes I can push past it, but other times I find it really challenging and almost impossible. But I like the challenge. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Ashlynn | http://thecrimsoncardigan.com

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      1. Yeah that’s exactly it!
        Sorry to hear you also suffer from anxiety.
        That’s great that your up for the challenge of pushing past your anxiety and being more in control of it. A challenge is a great way to look at anxiety, I think I will try think of it like this in the future. ๐Ÿ™‚


    6. Thank you for writing so honestly about yourself. For me, the worst part of anxiety is the unpredictability of it. Some mornings, I might wake up fine – others, it might take me an hour to calm the beating in my chest. You never know how you will wake up in the morning, or how your day will end, or if some minor event will trigger you. However, personally, I find that it makes those calm days all the more precious. I begin to appreciate everyday a little more, when you know that a storm could come at any moment.

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      1. No problem at all. Thank you for reading my post!
        Yes that is so true, it can come so fast and it takes a while to calm down. Yes I agree, it’s especially horrible when feeling anxious first thing when you wake up.
        That is so true! The good days are cherished so much more!
        That is a fantastic way of thinking of it! ๐Ÿ˜Š


    7. Thank you for sharing this, it is so relatable to everyone that is struggling. The worst spiral I find is the fact it takes all the fun out of everything, because I feel like it strips the very activities that used to pull me out of a ‘funk’ because they aren’t fun anymore when I’m in that mindset.

      Britt | http://alternativelyspeaking.ca/

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      1. No problem at all! Thanks so much for reading!
        That is very true, it can be hard to enjoy even the simplest of activities. I think, well for me anyway, it is important to remember that we are only human and feeling like this is okay. Even small success can feel good and celebrating them is great. ๐Ÿ˜Š Best Wishes!

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    8. You have summarized it so well! For me the worst one is the first one, people donโ€™t seem to understand it. Especially, friends donโ€™t seem to understand that I sometimes I canโ€™t come because of my anxiety. They donโ€™t really see it as valid reasons and in a way, it isnโ€™t, but it is my reality. I guess, we just must learn to live with it.

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      1. Thank you, I’m glad that you think so!
        Ah I’m so sorry to hear that, that’s awful. I have a had a similar experience with some people. Others can be so understanding. I do hope that your future friends can understand even a little more what you’re going through as well as your friends now, even by gently explaining to them that you’re still there and their friend but are unable to attend everything.
        Sometimes I think it is okay to miss out on one or two events if we are not yet ready and if it will help in the long run.
        Sending you lots of warm wishes!


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