10 things that make me anxious

Hi! So a few posts ago I blogged about my anxiety and I wanted to blog about it again. Do any of you feel that writing can help deal with what you are going through? I think there's something really helpful about writing how you're feeling. In this post I'd like to talk about the... Continue Reading →

Exam Stress!

Hey everyone,  So for the past week or so I've been sitting exams which here in Ireland we call The Leaving Cert. I study seven subjects: Irish, English, Maths, Spanish, history, geography and business studies. There are two maths, english and Irish papers.   Do any of you have exams coming up? They're going okay,... Continue Reading →

Revision Tips

Hi! Hope everyone had a nice weekend. This post is dedicated to all of you studying for exams at the moment. A huge thanks to My Teenage Blog for suggesting that I write a post about revision, here it is!  I myself have exams on Wednesday, hence the late post as I've been studying hard!... Continue Reading →

Destressing tips

Hello everyone! This post was received the highest votes on a twitter poll I did so I decided it was about time I got down to writing it! I have exams starting on the 7th of June so the stress levels are pretty high at the moment! We all have stress in our lives so... Continue Reading →

Don’t hide behind the mask

Hello! Something was said to me a few days ago that really resonated with me and prompted me to write this post. I had originally planned to write a post on destressing tips as this had got the highest votes out of all the posts I featured in my twitter poll. Thanks to everyone who... Continue Reading →

Why I dislike to do lists

Hello! Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend! I had a great relaxing morning with my good friend and did some studying and now I am ready to start blogging!! Today's blog post is something I have been meaning to blog about for quite some time. It is a topic that is quite important to... Continue Reading →

Darkness Into Light 2017

Hey! I hope everyone is doing well and is well rested after the weekend. In the early hours of Saturday morning myself and my Mam and my close friends went to the next village to do darkness into light. It was my very first time doing this walk and I was absolutely delighted that I... Continue Reading →

It’s okay not to be okay

Hey there, I'm writing this curled up on my bed while watching one of the recent videos from PointlessBlog/Alfie Deyes in an attempt to distract myself from my racing anxious thoughts. I wasn't feeling amazing this morning but I was feeling relatively okay. Then a couple of different things happened throughout the day that really... Continue Reading →

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